English thoughts


I love a man who:
soothe me
makes me LOL
respects my personal space
knows the differences between my wants and needs
is concise about his feelings and act accordingly
knows my appetite and feeds me
feeds my hunger for his skin
is open and willing to explore
acts upon his passions and desires
can put my self-control on a leash
is comfortable with silence
cuddle, snuggle, keeps me warm and shares his blanket
isn’t afraid of intimacy
knows his shortcomings and doesn’t sees my confidence as a threat

I love a woman who:
can open up to others
feels with all her soul and puts these feelings into actions
has courage to follow-up on her feelings
knows how to create her own roles in life
respects and accept men she wants just as they are
never feels like controlling her lover
is caught up and twisted by a man and loving it


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