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I still

I still see you in, Could have been Should have been Almost was I still feel you in, despair Taste you in, The salt within my tears Accept the struggles within -Driandayaba-

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We & I

We Crave We Ask Rewards Contentment Declines Acceptance. We Please We Offer Rewards Contentment Declines Acceptance. I Yearn I Take Content & Accepted.   –Driandayaba–

Emoties, English thoughts


Restlessness whispers at times. Loudly pulling & kicking in my core. Do it, take it, I feel you want it. Just a bit, not to much. Seduction, I notice & give permission to enter. Chemistry designs the precise calculations needed. Gasping for oxygen while receiving the opposite. Elevating heart-rate while calming the alert senses. Blindfolded,… Read More Chemistry

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Stroke of nails

Show me your freaky as it’s echoing your nasty. Blended with lust as a guide while our souls are mating. Caress the playful demons. Stroke passion untill there’s flesh under our nails. Bullshit has no place here. Get off that moral horse and ride your dragon. This glass house needs to get vacant or will receive stones. Take… Read More Stroke of nails

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We both must fall in order to rise up again. Chase birds away and meet again. Dressed, but yet feel so naked. I also dropped many to save me. Who are we fooling? Its in our nature to change colors in order to remain in a different state. Build up a reserve to get us… Read More Autumn

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“I am wondering” is a phrase that feels like an extra sense to me. The sense to explore and discover our true core and task as an individual in present state. A perception without wondering about myself, the others or the world around me is a unknown phenomena to me. Being able and willing to… Read More Wondering

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I See I Hear I Feel I Taste I Touch Life as it comes my way. Presence of abundance a peaceful thought. Trust without prove. Being selfish & egoistic as a path to self-worth that leads to sharing unconditionally. Self-control my only real control. Answering the main question:”Am I my own best friend? Accepting what… Read More Mirror

English thoughts


My past shaped me into a proud woman. No regret what so ever. My present wants to mould me in something I’m not. Heartbreak lines appear. My future is a pencil line. I carry the eraser. -Driandayaba- 27-04-2016