“I am wondering” is a phrase that feels like an extra sense to me.
The sense to explore and discover our true core and task as an individual in present state.
A perception without wondering about myself, the others or the world around me is a unknown phenomena to me.

Being able and willing to believe in something not proven by science is the true core of wondering.
It’s like we don’t allow ourself to believe in wonders without prove of science.
Funny to realise that practising science or believing in science can only exist if we are able to wonder.
To go beyond the borders created by our own limits of perception as we know it to be.

To believe is a powerful guide in our existence.
It allows us achieving our true potential by seeing greatness in ourself and other organism.
My drive to experience life to the fullest is to be able and willing to wonder.
To step out of the box that is contrary and limited to wondering.
Being swallowed up through an sensation that is created by my task as a living organisme to evolve.
Using the tools curiosity, passion, believe & the urge to understand as a goal.

All organism at itself are wonders and these wonders are creating wonders every day by being able and willing to wonder.
Evolve or disolve is a quote that needs the phrase “I am wondering” to make us aware of the task that fits us in living our own life.
“I wonder if just doing this will bring us authenticity, which will create more harmony among all organism?”


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